Learning Arduino

I dusted of my old mac book air – because everything techy is more fun on a mac and quickly discovered the Arduino IDE. A simple install and a little fiddling around with COM ports and my Arduino was connected via USB.

Poken around a little further and found the code samples, to my horror they are written in c++ – I don’t know c++ – I have always adamantly refused any programming language that uses those damn curly brackets all over the place (java, jacasvript, and c++)!!!

I am now suddenly realising that I am well out of my depth, after all I don’t know c++ and I don’t know anything about electronics.

A little more googling and I discover the Open Source Hardware Group and their Programming Electronics Academy, and more specifically this fantastic 12 part youtube series on Arduino hardware and software.

A few hours later and I have blinked an LED and start to have some idea about the way the micro controller things and the structure of the c++ programming language.

Before I start my own project I am going to have to find some tutorials specifically on access control arduino systems to learn the ropes.

Well, seems I am not the first to set out on this mission as there are literally thousands of open source projects.

One catches my eye, it’s basic, well documented and only requires a fee parts. Arduino RC522 RFID Door Lock.


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